Meet Jason Brott aka LowerCase J, an entertainer born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Tetraphocomelia Syndrome which hasn't stopped or even slowed J down one second from pursuing his dreams! You may have watched him on TV under his Freakshow moniker "The Illustrated Penguin" preforming all over the world as a side show attraction or you may have seen him on stage rapping under his MC stage name "LowerCase J". His condition is often confused with fetal thalidomide syndrome because of many similar symptoms and many times in his day-to-day dealings due to his size he is many times confused with being a little person. In addition to the obvious J has to deal with there are many internal complications he has as well so its suffice to say that since day one J was dealt with a very difficult hand.

But "that which does not kill us makes us stronger" is exactly the effect of what all the hardships J has had to preserver and in fact not only has J become a better person from all of it, he has turned it all into fuel helping him to move forward towards his all of the goals in life he has set! He takes life on the chin, works hard and doesn't take anything he has for granted, a lesson that far too many people could learn from in this day and age!

J's next project, writing and recording his very first solo rap album is not going to be easy as it is a very big undertaking so he has enlisting the help of many of his friends in the underground hip hop community, the metal scene and the side show industry to help him put it all together. In addition to working on his musical endeavor J is also dealing with all the same day to day challenges we all face like trying to earn a living so he has been taking odd jobs and doing what he can to get by. He has had to hustle no doubt developing many different side outlets taking advantage of any opportunities that might come his way. Since J has worked within the "Freakshow/Sideshow" circuit for the past five years he is now at the point where he is attempting to put together his very own sideshow performance troupe. If that isn't enough already J has also been apprenticing with several tattoo artists learning to tattoo professionally, yet another time-consuming passion in J's life.

"The LowerCase J Project" is a follow-doc into the life of an unlikely artist, straddled with some very unique medical conditions as he records his first album and struggles with the day-to-day challenges we all have which isn't easy when you're attached to a dialysis machine for two out of seven days a week; fortunately, he's not on this journey alone, thanks to his friends, family, and loads of fans that he's made along the way making J's ready to show the world what he's made of... all 4 feet, 3 inches of him! That being said, J's journey will be nothing short of amazing, and we welcome you to join enter the world of "The LowerCase J Project."

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