Come along on a road trip with the award winning tattoo artist Brooklyn Payne. With his friend Amy Nicoletto (from TLC's L.A. Ink) and his touring team of management misfits, Payne travels across the U.S. on a mission to spotlight some of America's greatest and unknown tattoo shops and their artists.

Each episode Payne and his crew will be travelling to a new city to throw a spotlight on the best tattoo shop in the area, focusing on the shop's key artists as well as finding out what makes them the best in the business. Payne and his crew will also travel outside of the shops to check out the local flavor, taking viewers into the subculture of the city to offer a view you would not find on a typical travel show!

But that's not all, every episode Payne and Amy will be integrated into the host shop over the course of a week as guest artists to show a real "behind the scenes" view on the different operation styles and personal relationships behind America's greatest skin artists and their customers. Payne also has a lot of famous friends and clients so you never know who will pop in for some ink along the way. Painted America will display a real cross section of the Americana tattoo shop and its people, aiming to be a show respected by both tattoo fans as well as artists.

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