With pro wrestling reaching an all-time height of global popularity, the current mainstream product has fallen short alienating many while leaving others wanting. Promising so much, but delivering so little, longtime fans are left with only memories, forced to reminisce about the legends of eras gone by while educating the new fans of a time where attitude, skill and determination built an industry from the ground up! This gap is exactly what Revolution Wrestling Federation has been filling since the launch of our first event "Flashpoint!" on March 23rd 2019! Bringing together all of the elements that once made wrestling great! Taking from the established stars of the past, mixing them with the new names making an impact now and future superstars of tomorrow, we are cultivating and developing a roster and a brand unlike any other! Much like steel sharpening steel, using the old and the new, with our hands-on formula, we are sure that Revolution Wrestling Federation will soon be set above so many copycat gimmicks based promotions all doing the same thing as one another!

We here at Revolution Wrestling Federation have been watching the trends of the industry, listening to the fans to get it right! Don't get it twisted, this isn't just one person's vision of what wrestling could be, on the contrary we have brought together a virtual cornucopia of some of the greatest minds in pro wrestling, coupled with some successful veterans within the music industry entertainment to set out to do one thing, and that's to bring to market a fan centered interactive element to every show that they can't get enough of!

In addition, Revolution Wrestling Federation is utilizing the latest in internet broadcast technology to further develop our brand on line and to cultivate our audience, bringing to them so many more dimensions to the athletes they like, and the industry they love, presenting so much more than the tired old live show / TV broadcast. This too benefits our talent roster developing a much greater connection between the fan and their favorite wrestler than ever before! Adding all of these proven elements together we are sure our Revolution Wrestling Federation has the formula making the possibilities limitless! So with that being said we would like to invite you to pay close attention to Revolution Wrestling Federation as we are just getting started! #TheRevolutionisNOW

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